Are Your Clients Hiring With Intellectual Property In Mind?

Are Your Clients Hiring With Intellectual Property In Mind?

Hiring internationally can be complex and time consuming, so many companies opt to onboard talent as contractors, either as a short-term solution, or a long-term team-building strategy. Is this the best solution for your clients? As their partner, you should help them understand the pros and cons of all their hiring options.

What do your clients need to know?

  • Intellectual property (IP) protection: If they lack compliant employment contracts, constructed specifically to protect a company’s IP, your clients’ workers can claim ownership rights on their output, risking a company’s value. Without IP on lockdown, any future disagreement with the professional could result in costly, extensive legal action to prove company ownership.
  • Costly legal misclassification: Each country defines contractors and employees differently, so hiring internationally takes specialist expertise. In general, if individuals work solely for a company and perform the functions of an employee, they should receive all the legal protections of formal employment. If a worker misclassification is brought to the attention of local authorities, the penalties can be severe.

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