When cybersecurity programs are mature and firing on all cylinders, the security functions of an organization go beyond preventing attacks and breaches. They become business enablers, aligning and allying with the other divisions of the company to achieve strategic, operational, and revenue goals. The most effective and mature cybersecurity organizations are completely aligned with business priorities to help manage and reduce risk based on what matters most to the business.

Less mature cybersecurity organizations that haven’t yet grown into that enabler role need to chart a path to get there. What should that path look like? Cybersecurity teams should be accelerating risk reduction in a way that lines up with business goals and constraints on budget and resources. This often requires systematic changes in processes, controls, and culture across the security organization.

While these less mature cybersecurity organizations can certainly accomplish a lot of that through internal efforts, sometimes they need a boost from trusted third parties to help them fully achieve their goals.

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